Emma Henderson

Real service from a dedicated person, is my promise.

I’m passionate about the property market and value the relationships I build with my clients. Simply put, I care about what I do and it’s always been an effortless pursuit.

My aim is to bring back old-school values and service. My clients are valuable to me, so providing value to them is important.

“I manage each and every property in my care, myself. I am as invested in your investment as I am my own business.”

Away from the office (quite often my car), happiness for me lies on a beach with sun, salt, my two beautiful children, a seafood lunch and perhaps a chilled (yes chilled) glass of chardonnay.

It’s no wonder people are switching to Henderson.


No hidden surprises

My fees are minimal and competitive. You will not pay for my fancy office or a receptionist to screen calls. Just three simple fees for my direct and dedicated service.

Not only do I value every one of my clients, I provide incredible value and insight for them. I keep my fees low and focus on maximising your investments.


Centralise all your properties under one roof

I manage property in all areas of Melbourne, so as your portfolio grows you can maintain one trusted point of contact.


Bills and admin – a task of the past!

No one wants to spend their precious minutes on administration. Let me take that load off your shoulders!

I pay your bills for you from your rent. They land directly in my inbox, so you don’t even have to see them. You will receive a monthly financial statement, as well as an end of financial year statement, to provide to your accountant. I make recording your income and claiming your expenses an effortless task.


Innovative and easy

My landlords always have fast and easy access to their information and records via the Henderson landlord portal.

Tenants can log maintenance and contact Emma with one touch, via their tenant app.

This smart technology, paired with real service from a real person makes owning and leasing property easy.



Reliable, cost-effective and fast

With a professional maintenance team, my landlords can trust that their property is taken care of. Tenants can rely on fast and responsive maintenance calls.

My aim is to make maintaining your property hassle-free. I communicate every step of the way and pay for the repairs from your rent.

I can also obtain quotes and manage the improvement of your property.


Money to your bank account fast

No-one wants an empty property or any time without rent landing in their bank account. I have a proven track record of leasing properties fast.

With targeted marketing and private inspections, I make it a priority to find the right tenant, quickly.


Thorough tenant selection is a priority

It is very important that the right person is chosen to call an investment property their home.

From meeting each potential tenant in person, to obtaining an application and thoroughly qualifying the tenants suitability, I ensure tenant selection is thorough.

I work on building a relationship with each and every tenant I choose.


Stay informed with regular reporting

Every landlord wants to see how their property is looking and how it is being cared for.

I carry out routine inspections 3 months after a tenant moves in, and every 6 months after that. My landlords receive an inspection report with images.

Thorough condition reports and exit reports are created at the start and end of a lease.

Switching to
Henderson is Easy

I take the time to understand your unique needs and work towards your goals. I prioritise the needs of every client and deliver on my promise – every time.


You will not lose your tenants if you switch to Henderson.

You can make the smart move to dedicated property management even if you already have a lease in place. I take care of the entire transfer for you. Your tenants will thank you for making the switch.

Emma makes it easy!